Patients and clinicians can now level up swallowing exercising with an innovative Mobili-T® device. Complete swallowing exercises and “see” muscle activity as it happens.

With remote digital sEMG biofeedback, clinicians can deliver therapy where they need to, and objectively track adherence to make more precise decisions for better swallowing outcome.


  • Visual Feedback: Muscle excitation is captured by small sensors (the size of small buttons) that stick on the surface of the skin using adhesive. Using the app, patients are guided through exercises and “see” their swallow activity.
  • Monitor Remotely: Sending patients home with swallowing exercises? Move beyond guessing with pen and paper: Mobili-T directly monitors their progress, gathers data, and each patient’s program is customizable at the click of a button in the Clinician Portal which connects to an easy-to-use app for patient use.
  • Flexibility: Mobili-T can be used virtually anywhere… in clinic, in residential treatment settings, at home or on the go. Fits in a pocket and requires no wires just an iphone or ipad to use with the app.
  • Motivating: Improve patient compliance and adherence to their swallow exercises with biofeedback


  • Improve adherence – Patients can see what an effortful and held swallow should feel like
  • Improve continuity of care with patients using device 6 days per week at home
  • Improve quality of life
  • Improve oral intake
  • Reduce need for feeding tubes
  • Reduce hospital admissions
  • Reduce length of stay
  • Reduce cost of dysphagia treatment
  • Reduce number of in person visits required
  • Increase billing using remote monitoring
  • Increase number of patients able to be seen in a day

HIPAA compliant and clinically tested

Trusted and reviewed by patients and clinicians

Award winning technology and design

Mobili-T: Convenience on many levels transforming dysphagia treatment

So small it fits in your pocket, does not require any wires to connect and comfortably adheres to the patient’s skin under their chin.

Mobili-T can be used across many settings from acute, inpatient, outpatient to home health

Purchase loaner devices for your patients to use at home or with caregivers in LTC to provide continuity of care

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