Columbia 6000 NMES Dysphagia device kit

AT LAST – A low cost, FDA cleared
Dysphagia device from a company you know and trust, COLUMBIA SCIENTIFIC

  • COLUMBIA 6000™ is available for under $1000
  • Compatible with all styles of FDA cleared Dysphagia electrodes
  • Order item number 6000 or 6000B for your preferred electrode style
  • Have an old, out of warranty hand held VitalStim Device? We have a trade-in program.

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  • "I have been buying dysphagia electrodes from Columbia Scientific for 15 years. They have great customer service, high quality products, and now offer the Columbia 6000® dysphagia e-stim device that is easy to use and affordable too."
    Denise Savage, SLP, Texas
  • "I have worked with Columbia Scientific since the day I became certified in VitalStim. The customer service staff has always been helpful and sincerely interested in each person. I would highly recommend Columbia Scientific to anyone needing electrodes and/or devices. They are truly 5 STAR!!”
    Dianne Uzdawinis, SLP, New Mexico
  • "As a VitalStim provider since November 2003, I have used thousands of electrodes for the treatment of pharyngeal and/or oral dysphagia for both pediatric and adult clients. Also, as a dysphagia sufferer myself, I have used the same electrodes. I have been more than pleased for many years with the Columbia 600 electrodes and appreciate the wonderful support from Columbia Scientific."
    DB, SLP Texas