NMES Helps Parkinson’s Patient with Swallowing, Speech, and Respiratory Coordination

A patient with advanced Parkinson’s disease finally made it to rehab. He arrived at my office with a wet towel that he was using to wipe saliva which was constantly being lost. We immediately began VitalStim along with 3 times a week of pharyngeal therapy. Within just an hour, a swallow of saliva was seen. In the first week, more and more swallowing of saliva was observed. By the end of the third week, saliva swallowing was almost at 100% (although swallowing was not perfect) and water-drinking and eating of soft foods were greatly and continuously improving. At the same time, his speech and respiratory coordination improved. At that time, he told me “you have added life to my days and days to my life”. -Deb Bastidas, SLP, Texas,

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